Sunday, October 9, 2011

Key West Palm Pastel Phyllis O'Shields Contemporary Impressionism

Gulf Coast Seafood
Seafood from the Gulf Coast and the Caribbean
Pastel Study - Key West Palm  Illustration for Cookbook of  Key West memories 
Phyllis O'Shields Contemporary Impressionism
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Today will continue  a series of posting of illustrations that will be used in an illustrated book of  Gulf Coast Memories and especially the foods of the Gulf Coast, South Florida, Keys,  and the Caribbean that I grew up living in and eating and cooking.
These illustrations in pastel, cover memories from New Orleans, Florida Pan Handle, South Florida, Florida Keys, South Carolina Low Country and  the Caribbean.
These are areas are rich in tradition and in receipes handed down for generations.
I have many delightful memories of sitting on the beach or in the back yard looking up at palms everywhere a backdrop for friends and family.

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